Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Hello

Last Night I Heard You Calling. Let Me Carry You Away.Here is one of my latest encaustics which was just accepted into the MN State Fair fine arts exhibit. I'm so excited.
This is a smaller version though. The almighty piece is three times bigger and framed.
Title of this is "Last Night I heard You Calling. Let Me Carry You Away." A lyric from a song by Kate Wolf.
A snowy Minnesota morning, snow sticking to the branches. This photo was taken pretty much in my back yard. I was so lucky to have a train their this morning.
And of course this is a great photo for encaustics. With a closer look you can see the carving of the branches and texture I added.
Click on any of these photos to visit my Flickr encaustic site where I've posted all the encaustic pieces I've done this Summer.
To Watch His Woods Fill Up with Snow
Here is another encaustic piece from my snow collection which was at the State Fair last year. This was also taken the same snowy morning.
The Walk
A post from my encaustic site. This photo was taken in Moscow, Russia.
morning drifts
church on spilled blood
I spent a year working in Moscow as a nanny/English teacher. I had an amazing amount of free time to travel around taking photos. I am longing to go back to explore more of its country side. I was amazed at the contrast of lifestyles. Once leaving the bustling city, super models walking everywhere, you can travel as little as a half hour and find people selling tea on the side of the road from steaming antique samovars. The wrinkly babushkas urging you to try their homemade sauerkraut along with your black tea.
tsaritsyno bridge
Check out some more of my Russian photographs:

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